Is a mini loan a good idea for my situation is a question that you can best answer yourself. Do you really need money urgently, or can this wait until your salary is deposited again? After all, taking out a mini-loan is not free and you must therefore ask yourself whether you should do this. Do you really have something urgent to pay or are you going away for a weekend or are you having dinner somewhere and you no longer have any money in your account, then you can consider applying for a mini loan.

Is a mini loan a good idea for my situation

Suppose you need 400 euros quickly because you have some bills that really cannot be postponed. They have been in your home for a few weeks and every day it is ‘tomorrow I will pay them’. But with this system, the bills remain of course for far too long and you have already spent your available money on other things. Once money is in your pocket, you will also notice how quickly it slips through your fingers. Often with several small amounts it goes down unprecedentedly fast at the end of the ride. 

Apply for a mini loan

If you have decided to apply for a mini-loan, there are several options that you can use. Indeed, there are several providers who can take care of this for you. Think of amounts up to around 1000 euros. Another aspect when applying is that you must have sufficient income. The guideline is that you must receive at least 900 euros in your account every month. If you meet this requirement, there is a good chance that your application will be approved.

How much can I get

It differs somewhat per provider what you can get with an application, but assume that you can request a minimum of 100 euros and a maximum of 1000 euros. Also note that you have to pay off the borrowed amount in one go, so this is not possible in installments. That is precisely the reason that the most popular amounts are around 300 euros. This is easy to handle when it comes to paying off, giving back the maximum amounts of around 1000 euros in one go makes it a lot more difficult.

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